Phnom Penh

My bus arrived in Phenom Peng and I was greeted by Hannah, whom id met in Ho Chi Min (Saigon)
She lives here in Phenom Peng and had kindly offered to put me up for a few days!
I was quite looking forwards to a few days in a home rather than a hostel or hotel and crashed out almost immediately after getting here!
When I arose the following day I spent a bit of time relaxing before going with Hannah to get some Indonesian food. No surprises that I chose a nice satay. Hmmmmmmmmmm Satay!
I used the opportunity of being in a big city and went to an incredibly posh cinema to go and watch Guardian’s of the Galaxy!
We had VIP seats, recliners in our own little section. We were delivered our drinks and popcorn and settled in for the film. Comfortable in our chairs, complete with pillow and blanket!

It was bizarre watching a film in such luxury but I enjoyed the film and really enjoyed the experience.
After the cinema we had to wait to avoid a huge rainstorm before heading off to the circus! Not to watch but to perform!
Hannah takes part in circus skills classes as a chance to keep fit and to meet new people!
I decided to try my hand!

We did 2 sessions. The first a contortion class! This consisted of various different stretches and poses of increasing difficulty! I learnt very quickly that I had neither flexibility or balance but I had a go at each!!
The Cambodian Lady running the class was very patient and only laughed a few times! I wasn’t made to do the splits but I sure as hell tried!

The second class was on the Silks. Now I remember the old BBC entrance where the performers come down the silks. Turns out that’s bloody hard!

I had no problem climbing up, more with upper body strength than the technique the others were displaying. When it came to doing anything other that climbing, the afore mentioned lack of balance and flexibility came in!! I must have looked a right state!
I was given a few simple things to try but just couldn’t get the hang of it! Wrapping my foot in the silk (like step 1 of silks) I couldn’t do! It bloody hurt!!
Regardless of my uselessness I had a really fun time!

I fell asleep that night certain I would be very sore the following day!
I awoke knowing I was correct, and so spent the day feeling sorry for my aching body and relaxing.
That evening we went to a local pub quiz. It was a great quiz and I really enjoyed it, however the team of Hannah and I (or quiz on my face as our team was called) didn’t perform so great!
We finished last by one point! There were a lot of kicking myself answers aswel! I was especially ashamed at myself for getting this one wrong “who is the highest scoring player in rugby world cup history” I knew it was Wilkinson, my gut said Wilkinson. What did I end up writing? Dan Bloody Carter! I was fuming when the answers were read! The lesson here? Go with your gut!
The following day was on of the most thought provoking and emotional days travelling ive had on this trip. I visited the Killing Fields and Tual Sleng. The sight of so much misery during the Khmer Rouges reign of terror. I’m going to do a post specifically about this day as it was a tough one! Tuol Sleng and The Killing Fields
That evening, full or difficult feelings, we decided to take my mind off the horrors id seen that day. We bought a shit ton of food, cooked a slap up meal and stayed up late into the night drinking cider and playing sporcle quizzes. A great end to a tough day!

My last full day in Phenom Peng was spent lounging around a local swimming pool reading my book and chilling, before spending the evening watching the Reading Vs Fulham play off semi final.
I stayed up until the early morning drinking cider and watching the game, it ended 1:1 and I was quite happy with that.
I slept in before bidding a fond farewell to Hannah, I got myself a nice comfy 4 hour mini bus down to Sihanokville, to be back by the sea, and to get some diving in!

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