The Hidden Secrets Of Australia

Ok so when people travel to Australia they have an idea of what they want to see and do. This normally included Sydney, to see the opera house and Harbour Bridge. A trip to Melbourne to see the Great Ocean Road and pop to Ramsey Street, then heading up the east coast, checking out Frasier Island and then up to the great barrier reef.  A quick plane over to see Ayers Rock or Ularu and that’s their trip to Australia done.


The aim of this article is to showcase a few of the lesser known experiences on offer in this wonderful country.

 1)      Tin Can Bay


The first on list is Tin Can Bay. This place is a real gem. Not for the town itself, which consists of elderly Australians and a few caravan parks. I mean there are les than 2000 residents here. No this is on the list for what you can do here.  

Every morning a pod of Australian Humpback dolphins swim near to the boat ramp where you are able to get into the water and hand feed these amazing creatures. This is still quite a well kept secret however it is worth getting there early to ensure you can get some of the food before it is all gone!

2)      Rainbow Beach 



It may seem strange to have a destination on here that annually receives 70000 tourists,  however I often find people who are going to Hervey bay will often bypass rainbow beach. It is often seen as just a through fair to get to Frasier island, however this sleepy little town has so much more to offer. Its name stems from the incredible range of sand colours that can be found here. The dunes are perfect for some amazing walks and more extreme activities such as sandboarding.


3)      Maroochydore



This little town on the sunshine coast could well be my favourite place on earth. It is nice and quite, sat on a beautiful beach. Its got some wonderful walks, fantastic water areas for kayaking and canoeing. It is often bypassed for the nearby Noosa Heads. Maroochydore If ever I was to settle in Australia, it would be here.


4)      Airlie Beach


Most backpackers will go to Airlie Beach, stay a night, leave on the boats, come back and depart Airlie. There is so much more to Airlie beach than the boats. It offers an amazing nightlife, some cracking walks and cycles through the woodland areas, some amazing hidden waterfalls as well as some fantastic day trips such as Sea Kayaking, Jet Skiing or the famous Ocean Rafting.


5)      Adelaide


I love Adelaide. Its a great city. Full of culture with the Adelaide fringe festival every year. Great for shopping along rundle mall. Amazing nightlife down Hindley Street. Its close to the sea and a quick tram ride will get you too Glenelg, which is so nice it almost deserves its own slot on this list. In fact………


6)      Glenelg


A small seaside town of 3500 people, Glenelg is full of quirky shops and some amazing restaurants. On top of that it features some wonderful beaches which are normally quiet enough for backpackers to be our silly selves. Frisbee anyone?


7)      Kangaroo Island


This island off the coast of Adelaide offers an extremely diverse selection of wildlife. You can see Koalas, seals, snakes, dolphins and penguins. It also offers the most amazing and bizarre natural rock formations, as well as some great sand dunes, its defiantly worth a visit.


8)      Litchfield


Often missed out in favour of people visiting Kakadu, it is a nation park covering 1500 square kilometres. Tiny compared to neighbouring Kakadus 20000. Litchfield has no Crocodiles in it, meaning if you see a pool of water, you can swim in it. See some amazing waterfalls? Stand or swim under them. On top of the beautiful and scenic watering holes, it offers some amazing bush walks and Giant termite mounds.


9)      Kata Tjuta


Its so close to Uluru that most people are all rocked out by then and drive on by. They are missing out. Kata Tjuda is a series of rocky domes near to Ularu. However rather than 1 giant mount, Kata Tjuta is more of a series of smaller domes. Giving some amazing walks and climbs as you explore.


Please comment and let me know if you disagree with any of these or have more to add!!

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