A Decade of Reflection 13

Off we went in our new home. We had a short time limit and lots to do and see. So the first day we had a 9 hour drive planned, which conveniently left us in Airlie Beach for the Night where I was able to catch up with some old friends and show May why I loved that town so much.

The next morning all a bit worse for wear we had a nice breakfast before off we hopped in the car again. All the way to Hervey Bay!! All 12 hours away!!! Then after a night in the car we went whale watching. I did some whale watching in Canada when I was younger and all we saw what a distant hump, no breaching nothing. Well Harvey Bay was different, we saw whales, around 20 of them, with dolphins swimming around. It was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I wanted to get my scuba gear on and join them.

The next morning we went to Tin Can Bay where we just saw the dolphins as they come to shore before moving on to Brisbane.

We were staying in a different part of Brisbane than id ever been in so it was nice to explore. The plan was to job hunt and try to settle in Brisbane. We didn’t end doing too much in Brisbane other than exploring but it was a nice week there. We met up with Denise and had a couple of meals aswel as a game of tennis.

We got the news through that we had been successful for a job I’d applied for without telling May. Working for the travelling carnival… The same day me and May got offered other jobs within Brisbane. So we had decisions to make. The carnival was less money but free accommodation and sounded fun. We didn’t think about it to long and the next day we were off to join the carnival!!!

Disaster struck almost immediately and I left my phone on the train, but fortunately the Carnies where waiting for us at the station.

We were show our accommodation, about 3M squared, a small section in the back of a truck! No the 5 star treatment we had had in Bali but we thought, what the hell and go settled in, squeezed up in a tiny space, making it our own!


We were on the road straight away and a few hours on the road to a small town saw us setting up for a 2 day fair. I was to be in charge of a Basketball game and May was helping out in the Food trailer, selling Corn dogs and Chips.

Now it wasn’t the most fun job ever but it was nice to be outside. It was a real transient existence, get somewhere for a few days, set up, work, take down, move on. We got to see lots of smaller towns around Victoria and New South Wales so it was quite nice.

We were approaching winter and we started to feel it. Our little bit of truck was getting very cold. We were also having to get used to having just a toaster and microwave to cook with as well as using public toilets and Showers, but it was an adventure.

The couple we worked for were really nice, very rough, but really nice. Unfortunately their daughter was just awful. I think she saw us as the hired help and spoke to us like shit and gave us inane tasks to do. We stayed with the Carnival for about 2 months before it came to the time I needed to plan my exit from Oz. Id arranged  with my mum to meet her China for a catch up so I had to sort the visas etc, not easy when your living in the back of a truck with no phone or internet, thank god for public library’s.

We had told the Carnies when we would be moving on and got set. However after 1 to many times of being spoken to like shit by the daughter we decided to make a great escape. We had planned to sneak away at night and get a coach to Sydney, however that morning I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and Fired back at the daughter and gave her a piece of my mind and we walked in the daylight! I felt bad for leaving the parents in the lurch but the daughter was just too much!

We had a week in Sydney before a tearful farewell to May. We kept ourselves busy, spending the day in Madame Tusaudes, going to Bondi Beach and exploring the city.

Now as ive previously mentioned I’m not a huge lover of Sydney, id had more bad times than good there, but that last week was just perfect. I saw why people loved Sydney. Maybe It was because it was my last week but it was still amazing. Sad to be leaving May and Australia, but really excited to see Mum and experience China.


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